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Kiera Enterprises is a Bangalore based company run by Sandhya Iyengar and her team. Kiera is engaged in luxury handmade Clutches, Handbags and Mobile pouches which are of exquisite quality, Apt for the young and the old.The products are of great quality and competitive pricing. As a thumb rule all products undergo stringent QC.

The products are manufactured using quality goods and design hand woven. It is designed exclusively for party use or occasional use only. Not for a day to day use, as it has lot of hand work and sequence work done which cannot be used for day to day use.

Kiera Enterprises was conceptualized in year 2010 aiming at promoting exquisite handmade items, to start with embroidery hand bags, clutches, mobile pouches and more. These items are all exquisite handmade articles manufactured across various locations in India.

We provide competitive pricing to ensure quality is bundled with attractive pricing. Please feel free to get back to us with any feedback, either product related or company. What is provided in this email is a snippet to attract business from various sectors around the world / get affiliation / business partners, we can provide you with any details on request.

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